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Ride Into the Sun: Rats, Thieves, & Liars. Interview with Ant Can

Have you ever listened to Ride Into the Sun?  Most of you probably have not and that’s ok, but it’s only ok up until now.  RITS is worthy of all of you going directly to their music, which can be found at:, where you will find their latest album ‘Rats, Thieves, & Liars.’  This band from Adelaide, South Australia, formed back in 2010 and recorded their debut album ‘Ride Into the Sun’ within 6 weeks of forming and they haven’t slowed down since.  RITS recently hit the recording studio with members of The Black Angels, Alex Maas and Brett Orrison, and we can expect this album release in early 2013.  I had the chance to interview Ant Can, the Space Captain, lead singer of RITS, to elaborate more on their influences, their experience working with The Black Angels, and what to expect in 2013.  


It’s been a pleasure listening to Ride Into the Sun and watching you guys and gal grow as a band.  Who are some of RITS influences and do you have any specific influences for your album coming out in early 2013?

We have a lot of influences in the band, it’s cool because there a few different tastes going on, obviously we are fans of The Black Angels, Velvet Underground, The Warlocks, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dead Skeletons, Singapore Sling, and also a great Australian band by the name of The Black Ryder.  They are a really cool band and a lot of the bands here in the psych/shoegaze scene look-up to them a lot.  I’m always looking for new music, too.  There are so many bands out there that are great but small, and I wonder sometimes why these guys aren’t more well-known. 

We got back the masters of the 6 track mini LP the other day, there are hints of these bands on this record, but at the same time we don’t want to sound exactly like our influences as much as we love them.  We want to create something new, and I think we did that with great help of Alex Maas and Brett Orrison 

So you recently recorded with some members of The Black Angels in Australia, where RITS resides.  What was the experience like recording with The Black Angels and what can we expect on this latest album?

Amazing!  They are beautiful people and we learned so much from them both.  They had ideas and we had ideas and recording flowed really well.  You can tell how much music means to them. Being that RITS is a much smaller and newer band we got a lot out of it.  It gave us a feeling that you CAN succeed in music; you CAN have a career playing music.  If you put your head down and push yourselves then you will get results.  I learned to not expect things, but instead to actually work your ass off and good things may happen.  As far as what to expect, it has a dark feel about it, it’s haunting…  but you will have to listen to make your own opinion.

When can we expect this album to be released and is Ride Into the Sun going to tour behind it?  Will you guys and gal be touring in the U.S. or any international places?

We have plans to release it sometime in 2013, we are deciding on those dates.  We’d LOVE to tour in the U.S., but we shall see… 

I know RITS has a show coming up with A Place to Bury Strangers on January 19.  Any other stellar shows lined-up in the near future?  What other shows or festivals have you played in the past that are memorable to you?  Why?

Yea, we are really excited to play with A Place to Bury Strangers, they are a great band!  See, Adelaide is a small city, it’s sometimes rare to get bands like that here.  But a very cool tour company in Melbourne called ‘Heathen Skulls’ operated by Robert MacManus brings them and it’s great for the music scene.  It gives local bands like ourselves an opportunity to play with bands we look-up to a lot.  In February, we will be playing with Sleepy Sun, which is also through ‘Heathen Skulls.’  And then in March we will be playing with Dinosaur Jr.

I won’t forget playing a festival over here called The Big Day Out; it was great fun!  Every smaller band in Australia wants to get on this bill, but after it finishes you ask yourself “Ok what’s the next step”?  Now I want something bigger and better, know what I mean?  So then you start searching for that.

If you could choose one band to tour with, past or present, which band would it be?

Hmmm… good question.  All of the bands we really dig, it’s just way too hard to just choose one!  Maybe we will just tour with all of them!  Then ask me this question again in 10 year.  

Interview made by Shawn Butzin /2013
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The Cat And The Brat said...

Great band... they were No. 1 on Adelaide's 3D Radio's TOP 101 last year! It's good to see them getting more exposure internationally, cos that's often hard for bands based here. Can't wait to hear the new EP and will definitely try to see them with Sleepy Sun!