Psych for Sore Eyes (2012) review

January 6, 2013

Psych for Sore Eyes (2012) review

The blurry album jacket is the front cover
of the best-looking record you will see this year. It’s for the Psych For Sore
Eyes EP, and it’s being beamed out on 18th of February 2013 … containing six
tracks of modern psychedelia, all mastered by Sonic Boom [late of Spacemen 3
and now with Spectrum].
The music and art has been painstakingly
put together over the last six months, with this audio and visual delight
coming at you at light speed, with the help of the tripped out folks at Heretic
[who have previously designed posters for Sonic Cathedral’s shows with Damo
Suzuki and Spectrum]. I don’t want to go spoiling the surprise, but to perk
your interest and to be honest, mere words do not do justice to the
outing.  The EP will come on two slabs of
7″ vinyl, one red, one green, with only one side of each record recorded on …
looking much like 3D glasses. And you’ll find these handy, because the sleeve
that houses the two records folds out into a giant screen printed 3D poster of
mind melting proportions, depth and distortion. And for those of you who want
to look at the poster while the music is playing, there will also be a pair of
real 3D glasses in there as well, just in case you need to add a few extra
dimensions, and don’t wanna have the neighbors talking about you as you gaze
through the vinyl records to achieve the same, but more blurred effect.
And that’s just the sleeve. The music’s not
bad either, Sonic Cathedral brings exclusive tracks from six of their favorite
new bands to psychedelize your eyes, hypnotize your eyes, and bend your mind
into the night before.
Review made by Jenell Kesler / 2012
© Copyright
http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com / 2012
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  1. Roel Bobis

    better to have eye check up everyday

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