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Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Ocean Parkway (2012) review

Following in the footsteps that were featured on The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper and The Rolling Stones' Satanic Majesties Request, Steven Gunn, who’s probably the best guitarist no one has ever heard of, and drummer John Truscinski step back a bit in time, conjuring up the fuzzy heady other worldly psychedelic sounds that were so new and alien back in the mid 60’s ... and sent many searching for the Raga Road in India, North Africa, Bali, and even Ethiopia.

Though, bearing this in mind, Gunn and Trucinski take their cues from American traditional blues, folk, jazz, country-rock, and those psychedelic influences that that inspired the legendary Sandy Bull ... creating hypnotic meanderings that move flawlessly within each song, incorporating all of the genres, and creating something that is uniquely their own, unexpected, and totally enchanting.  The lo-fi intoxicating songs build slowly, shifting and morphing, like the sun that a moment ago was just peaking over the horizon, and is suddenly there in all its wondrous splendor.  The music is very involved, thick, atmospheric in a sense, and all encompassing, moving to a set of rules you don’t necessarily follow, but are swept away with, like some secret language you intuitively understand.

The duo sound as if they’re jamming, and in some instances I’m more than sure they are, sounding like a full on band trading ideas and grooves on the run, ideas that are totally mesmerizing ... delivering eight minute musical sagas that will take you exactly where you want to be.

The album’s been released on vinyl with a limited edition of 750, but the downloads will do you just fine.

Review made by Jenell Kesler / 2012
© Copyright / 2012

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