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The Solar System review

The Solar System has become the underground Psychedelic scene’s answer to the prominent Psychonaut Platoons that have emerged in recent years.  Offering an alternative route to head travels, The Solar System expounds a truly weird but wondrous cosmic trip, dome delvers may find delectable.   Made in Michigan, this unit is actually a one man band comprised of musician Chris Oliver.  Oliver is a flowering example of what endless imagination, creativity, and a Tascam can harvest.

Oliver’s interest in music began as early age of 4.  Embracing a natural affinity to drums, Oliver would descend into the basement of his home to listen to his dad’s record collection, often playing along on his drum kit.  By age 15, Oliver had developed a more profound engrossment in music, learning to play guitar, bass, keyboards and tinkering with his first 4-Track.  Oliver cites his earliest musical influences were: The Mothers of Invention, Captain Beefheart, Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era), Beck and countless others.  Oliver has backed many Detroit Metro area bands, playing drums for Cody Stagefright, Cotton Lilly and The Shut Up and Dies.  In addition to his work with The Solar System, Oliver is the current drummer of the band, The Lafayette Collective.  

Recording Psychedelic Rock since 1998, Oliver officially began releasing albums and adopted the appellation, The Solar System in 2007.  The Solar System’s first album, “Living Alone” contains a mixture of Alternative Rock music styles, demonstrating Oliver’s versatility as an artist.  Present day, Solar System albums, reflect a solid direction for Oliver.  The newly released “Lysergic Summer,” showcases Oliver’s artistic growth with a concise and well defined stance on Psychedelia.  Recommended songs from the album: “Watch the Fall,” “Runner Moth,” and “Fast Cycle”.   Ambient and Aural in sound, The Solar System bears a minor resemblance to The Circulatory System but to the 3rd power.  The Solar System is pure Psychedelic bliss for enthusiasts of grandiose grooves.  

Review made by The Psychedelic Prissy Pie / 2012
© Copyright / 2012

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