The Solar System

March 24, 2012

The Solar System

The Solar System is a project by Chris Oliver. His albums are available on bandcamp for free download. In the future he would like to release a vinyl LP of his psych music. He needs a bit of our help. So please check his music. 

Ever since I started recording music when I was around 16, I dreamed about one day hopefully releasing something on vinyl. Now I feel is that time, Sadly I lack the money to do so by myself so i’m asking for your help. My goal with this kickstarter project is to raise 4 thousand dollars to  press 400 copies of the new as of yet untitled new Solar System album. I plan on pressing it on 180 gram random colored vinyl. I also have Stacie Willoughby who is doing the front and back cover art. She is an amazing psychedelic artist and has done concert and album artwork for some many modern psychedelic rock groups such as MGMT,Animal
Collection,Dead Meadow etc etc. Here is a link to her work.

So on top of all of that I also need the money to mix and master the new record for vinyl and also money to be able to ship out these records to everyone who donates. I know 4 thousand dollars is alot of money but I believe so strongly in this music and it deserves a chance to be pressed onto vinyl. Many thanks and much gratitude to everyone who donates and who supports helping dreams come true. I love you!

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