The Source Documentary SXSW opening

February 13, 2012

The Source Documentary SXSW opening

This whole Source Documentary adventure was born out of the excitement of doing the book, the untold story of “Father Yod, Yahowha 13 and the Source” with my Source partner Electricity. When we started to work with Jodi Wille of Process media to put it out (about 5 years ago)- it was a natural inclination to also want to talk with some of the other source family members to get some of their feedback and stories and in doing so we want on a road trip – did some traveling and connected with a few of them.  Over a process of a few years Jodi locked into a crew that got serious about it and the journey went forth in full force. people started hearing about it and wanted to just be a part of it…most had read or knew of the book and loved it . Of course the Hollywood people and L.A. already knew of Jim Baker who was a legend on his own before the Source, known as a food guru with his “ahead of the game” establishments of the Aware Inn and Old World Restaurants… and then the whole Source Restaurant and Brotherhood adventure.  He is now known as a cult hero.  Everyone was intrigued !
Of course, like everything, it ended up taking on a life of its own and the twist and turns along the way were amazing as we all were carried on that wave of destiny and watching a legacy become secured and saved.
In the meantime we pulled it off and have a great full length major film Documentary with Source Family Home movies and Photos from my archives documenting that time frame along with the family music and people not only in the family but people outside who knew and experience the Source Restaurant, Jim Baker, Father Yod and the Source Brotherhood.  This is not necessarily a white wash story that one would expect, All were allowed to give their honest input and that is what makes this film really compelling. 
We have been accepted to the 2012 SXSW festival in Austin.  We were 1 out 8 in our category to compete out of 845 submission. We do not know our screening date yet, they will be announced as of 2/15 –The crew is very  excited and for me personally it feels as if my long honored and promised duty to Father Yod, to secure this legacy, is coming to fruition. I wonder sometimes why things have to take so long but then time only exist in this dimension and most of this work has been centered out of and in the other realms…. Father Yod still is in charge ask anyone who has worked on this film ….Anyhow that is my opinion.
This Story has historical value that will long outlive us all and end up serving it’s purpose.
Director(s): Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos 
Executive Producer(s): Braxton Pope, TriCal Entertainment 
Producer(s): Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos, Holly Becker 
Cinematographer: John Tanzer 
Editor(s): Jennifer Harrington  and Claire Didier
Co-Producer: Adam Parfrey and John Tanzer
Associate Producer: Isis Aquarian  
Archives:  Isis Aquarian- Home Movies and Photos 
Music: The Source Family Musicians
Public Film Contact:  Holly Becker ~ hollybecker@gmail.com
This Man, This Journey had its up’s and down’s as does life.  It relates how that journey was taken in search of something more than being a mere man or human to what is now being seen by so many in 2012 as reality in the understanding and morphing into our next evolutionary process of a spiritual being and all that this means….it means the old programs will no longer work, a new program is upon us.
Father seemed to know this in the 70’s when he told as that as a family we were to gathering on September 17th at 8 p.m. 2001 and toast the New Age coming in (which amazingly we did in Hawaii and had a great 3 day re- union)…the Age of Aquarius, the new program.
The passwords he left us and we all are trying to master and really understand were
“No hurt or harm intended”
“Just be kind”
That the heart will be the new mind -but it is the mind and the heart now in balance…the love and the wisdom as  the polarity in harmony.
And so it goes.
The Source Family was a radical experiment in ’70s utopian living. Their popular restaurant, rock band, and beautiful women made them the darlings of Hollywood; then their outsider ideals made their “Landing back on the earth” a little bit rocky.  But their Father – Father Yod ~ YaHoWha – laid down a firm foundation for them – based on Love and Wisdom – and upon which many of them still stand today.
FINALLY . . . their story is told . . . their documentary is ready . . .
Source website :   www.yahowha.org
Facebook Documentary site:  The Source Documentary
Isis Aquarian
A story that even Hollywood

could not have scripted to be more entertaining !
ONCE UPON A TIME . . .  a very special “Moment in Man’s brief History” came to pass. 
A “Perceptive one” could literally see the “Time Locks” breaking down, on a daily basis.  During the late 1960’s and 70’s, one was always hearing about “Dropping out” and “Sex, drugs and rock & roll”.  Much of this energy was born of the long-haired vegetarianism of the new “Cults” and communities, which were emerging from the Bohemians, Beatniks and the “Communes” of the “Hippies”.  It was a time of almost conscious preparation for the cross-over into the “New Age”, The Age of Aquarius.  The Source Family was an Aquarian Tribe.  We ~ and our famous Restaurant, The Source ~ were very much a part of this historical epoch.  We helped to birth this new stage and to insure that it brought more than just sex, dope, rock & roll and communes  . . . but that it also brought THE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION and its “Forerunners”.
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