Mike Levon, 1944-2011

September 13, 2011

Mike Levon, 1944-2011

Mike was born on 19th December 1944 on a farm near Grantham. He was always interested in the arts; literature, art and music.
He came to Bretton Hall College as an English student in 1963 where he met Shirley; they married in 1970.

It was at Bretton that his passion for recording developed.  “Holyground Records” was established with a group of friends by the late 1960s, the first independent recording studio and label.
From those times Mike wrote and recorded songs, collaborating with Chris Coombs who wrote the music.  He also recorded other bands, encouraging young and established musicians across the region.
By 1976 Holyground took a back seat when Mike and Shirley decided to start a family.

From 1966 Mike worked full-time as a primary school teacher, but in 1979 he was given a secondment to make educational programmes for Radio Leeds, also taking out the radio car on a Saturday mornings to do ‘vox pops’.
From 1982 Mike worked as a Youth and Community Co-ordinator in Leeds, eventually retiring in 1999.

Holyground was revived about 1989 when it was clear that there was an interest in the original material, and this led to new music and albums being produced, and interest in the label blossomed.
In 2007, the 40th anniversary of Holyground and when Bretton Hall closed, many old friends gathered for a concert, which Mike recorded and released.
Mike was a perfectionist, he always recorded to the best standard that was possible, editing and re-editing, whether it was for Holyground music, or for other bands that came to record.
Although there are not a huge number of albums on the Holyground label, it is the quality and the care that Mike put into them that makes them so enjoyable.
He died peacefully in hospital on Sunday 4th September, 2011.
please visit the website:

ANAZITISI Records is going to reissue on vinyl almost all of the Holyground catalog, starting with A-AUSTR which will be available in a couple of months.
Mike was a fine partner and very helpful in organizing ANAZITISI’s HOLYGROUND SERIES.
We owe him so much!!!
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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this post. I love the Holyground releases, they are all unique and special. I was in contact with Mike over the last 10 years or so, and he was a very cool chap.

    See the Astral Navigator bend the shining rays...

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