The Cosmic Dead Interview

July 12, 2011

The Cosmic Dead Interview

The Cosmic Dead are fresh wave of space rock from Glasgow.

Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview guys! I would like to know how and when did you guys get together and started the band and what are some of your influences?

As the celestial cogs grind their way towards the dawn of the 7th era of man, we; The Cosmic Dead, decided to create a sonic chronicle of the events leading to the ultimate fall of the machine.
Why the name Cosmic Dead?
The name comes from an ancient order of forward thinkers known collectively as “the cosmische” and in part refers to some of the posthumous members which include Michael Karoli, Jerry Garcia, Klaus Dinger, and Uli Trept amongst many others.
You released Cozmik Live Aktion in 2010, Psychonaut in 2011 and now in May you will be releasing a brand new album. I would like if you can share your words about your past releases and if you can present your new album?
The term “album” is alien to the Cosmic Dead, instead we prefer to refer to our releases as windows. The recordings are as they were at the moment the 1s and 0s combined uniformly to represent the voltage differences inherent in the air surrounding the recording device. You could say that these recordings offer a window into a present time where we stood together in a closed space honing the sonic energy around us.
We can present our new album..
….on tape so that it may degrade logarithmically with time and become warped by atmospheric conditions and constant repetition.
How is touring going for you? Are you satisfied with it? Share an interesting experience you had from concerts…
Touring is satisfactory, that is to say we are satisfied by touring. All other experiences aside.. a stunning highlight was to be found on a rare dry sunday in our nest-city of glasgow whereupon we joined forces with a certain Damo Suzuki for a wandering musical adventure, the fruits of which can be found lurking in the labyrinthine depths of the internet. Search or be forever lacking.
How about some future plans for the band?
The best plan is often not to have any plan at all. This is how we operate and all I can offer in response is that we intend to broaden our intentions.
I hope you come to Slovenia (it would be very groovy to see you on avenue for alternative culture called Metelkova in Ljubljana).
We also hope to find ourselves in Slovenia, with our sights definitely set on the Metelkova, we are very much drawn to the free culture of such a place and feel our free-roaming sound would find a steady groove within it’s walls. We encourage anyone involved in such a place to get in touch with the Cosmic Dead to help us organise our trip.
What is your opinion about psychedelic scene these days?
Magic roundabout Vs Milkshake. Only one winner there. We also listen to Arbouretum, Cave, Kogumaza, Bong, Pyramidion, Acid Mothers Temple, Earth etc on a regular basis.
Thank you very much for your time and effort. Do you have anything else to say about the band or yourself, that I didn’t ask?
We are open to collaborations and long-distance projections, potential space excavators we invite you to get in touch via thecosmicdead@gmail.com or XY coded message on red tag of left leg if sending by carrier pigeon.
 Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011
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