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Dead Man interview with Peter Lindström & Kristoffer Sjödahl


Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview! You started playing around 2003 as Dead Man. I would like to know what are some of your influences?

All of the members listen to all kinds of music. I’m not sure if we have any influences that we consciously think about when we make music. Obviously we like a lot of 60’s and 70’s bands…

Tell us about the beginning of the band?

The band was formed around 2002.  A few friends got together to play music. Kristoffer and Joakim were not in a group at the time but had jammed together earlier. Markus and Johan played in a band that they liked, and a decision was made to get together to create a sound of their own.

I know you guys were in bands before forming Dead Man. Can you tell me more about this?

Kristoffer was the drummer in a group called Norrsken, the singer and the bassplayer from that band is now in Graveyard and the guitarplayer went on to from Witchcraft. Joakim, the former bassplayer, and, Markus, our first drummer, was in a group called The Roadrunners. Jonas our second drummer was also in The Roadrunners for a while. We’ve all been in all kinds of bands, most of them didn’t survive that long. As for myself I have a band called distant treelines where Kristoffer is the drummer.

Why the name Dead Man?

Why not? The inspiration came from the Texan hard rock outfit Josefus and their first album which was called Dead Man.

You released the Ship Ahoy! / Thousand Mile Stare single in 2004. What can you tell me about this release?

It was recorded in one day in a basement in the small rural Swedish town Kumla. Kristoffer was sick at the time, and threw up between takes. He’d been eating bananas and yoghurt and the other guys complained that the place smelled like a kindergarten.

In 2005 you released your first album called Dead Man. I would like to know how it was recorded and how do you like it? The cover art is very nice. Would you mind telling me more about it?

It was recorded in one week at Svenska Grammofon studio in Gothenburg, owned by the bassplayer from The soundtrack of our lives. Kristoffer says there’s some good songs there, but the versions of the songs are a bit sloppy at times. Other people seem to like it though, so that’s ok. The photograph on the cover is of our former drummer Markus Allard, taken in a field beside a house where he used to live.

In 2008 you released Euphoria. You went towards jazz as well as folk music in tunes sparkled with psychedelic sounds and atmospheres. Can you tell me more about how the album was produced and how do you like it?

It was recorded at Daniels Rud’s studio in the same house as our rehearsal space. It was recorded on and off for about a 10 months. Kristoffer says that he’s more happy with this recording than the previous. There’s a nice mix between doomy tracks and more upbeat songs.

Are you currently doing any concerts? Touring? I hope you come to Slovenia (It would be very groovy to see you in a venue for alternative culture called Metelkova in Ljubljana)?

At the moment we are focusing on writing new material, but there will probably be a tour of central Europe in the fall. We’d love to come to Ljubljana, we’ll see where we end up…

What are some future plans for the band? New album?

Right now our plan is to release something smaller just to show people that the band is still around, something like a 7 inch single probably.. We are writing new material for an album though..

Share an interesting experience you had from concerts...

Concerts are always an interesting experience. Once a PA system was set on fire at a show in Örebro, Sweden, flames and everything in one of the speakers. The death metal band that went on afterwards had to play with just one PA speaker and were pretty pissed.

What is your opinion about psychedelic/hard rock scene these days?

Is there one? There are some good bands out there, as well as a lot of average bands.. There will always be good bands around, and if you look for them you will find them.

Thank you very much for your time and effort. Do you have anything else to say about the band or yourself, that I didn't ask?

Thanks yourself! Dead Man has changed a bit in the last couple of years, there are three new guys in the band so naturally the experience is a little different now. It’s still the same kind of vibe though and we still play the old songs which haven’t changed really. The new members have all contributed their own individual styles to the songs. So far we have been getting nothing but positive feedback from people that has seen us live, and we’re anxious to continue the story, and see what we can do and where we’ll end up.

Interview made by Klemen Breznikar / 2011
© Copyright 2011

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