Doing research for labels, including Gear Fab Records, Guerssen, Shadoks, Merlin Nose Records and others. Our articles are also used in many books. Here’s a few LPs we’re part of:
Little Free Rock (Guerssen)
Sabatis (Guerssen)
Bazar (Guerssen)
The Spoils Of War (Wah Wah Records)
Homer (Gear Fab Records)
The Old Man & The Sea (Shadoks)
Earthen Vessel (Gear Fab Records)
Felt (Anazitisi Records)
Farm (Shadoks)
Rain (Shadoks)
Micah (Shadoks)
Bodo Molitor (Shadoks)
Escombres (Shadoks)
Smack (Shadoks)
Evol (Gera Fab Records)
Stoned Jesus (Nasoni Records)
Oberon (Guerssen)
Bolder Damn (Guerssen)
Shag (Guerssen)
Children Of The Mushroom (Guerssen)
Sound Ceremony (One Kind Favor)
The Myrrors (Merlin Nose Records / Fuzz Club Records)
In Gowan Ring (Merlin Nose Records)
Thundertree (Guerssen)
The Wizard Of Kansas (Sunbeam Records)
The Blue Forest (Golden Pavilion Records)
Jeffery Liberman (Guerssen)
AK Musick (Guerssen)

Latest credit on Creep Purple release of Electric Wizard

We’re mentioned in Tapestry of Delights Expanded VersionA Gathering of Promises, Record Collector Dreams and in other publications. Our articles also appears in special Shindig! issue dedicated to space rock etc.

Our interviews appeared or were quoted by many worldwide publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Ultimate Classic Rock, Metal Injection