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Top 5 Psychedelic Movies About Love

Who has said that films about love should have the same scenario? If you are searching for non-standard movies about love in order to impress some single ladies looking for dates, then here are top 5 psychedelic films, which will show you another side of life. 

5. Mr. Nobody

This fantastic film is filled with incredible charm, picturesque colors and unusual refinement. The plot contains great drama, sci-fi rationality and, of course, love and amazing musical background. The weak old Nemo Nobody is the last mortal man among the immortals. One day Nemo finds himself in the spotlight of a fascinating show, which is watched by millions of immortal people. A crazy, charming and very old man is living out his last days or even hours. He tells stories of his life to the journalists, having managed to die a couple of times.

4. Upstream Color

The plot of the movie tells about the difficult relationship between a man and a woman who are messed up in this life and are desperately trying to find a way out. The life of a young woman, Chris, turns into a real nightmare after a biological experiment, which has been done on her. Soon, fate throws her to a young man named Jeff, who is also very unhappy in this world. Each of them has gone through many unpleasant situations, and they are depressed. After a while, they begin to feel a strong attraction to each other, not so much physical as emotional. Will these two people be able to start living a normal life, after all the challenges they have faced?

3. Zabriskie Point

The film takes place in the USA in the late sixties of the twentieth century. At that time, most young people are hippies who protest war and violence. One of these young people is Mark, who leads the student movement. One day, during the riots, he steals a small plane and goes to Death Valley. At the same time, a young girl Daria is going to go there too. After the meeting, they fall in love with each other, and this feeling helps them forget about all their problems for a while. However, remembering their life callings, they must go further their own ways. Will they be able to do that?

2. Le Tout Nouveau Testament

It turns out that God exists. They are a nasty middle-aged man who lives in Brussels because it was this city that he created first. He has a wife and a teenage daughter Ea, with whom he constantly has disagreements. The thing is that the girl is dissatisfied with the behavior of her father, who only mocks humanity by inventing harmful laws and coming up with new ordeals. One day, she escapes from home and goes looking for new six apostles, with the help of whom she is going to reshape the world in her own way. Ea has always wished well to people, so she is ready to go to the very end, but will she be able to achieve the desired result?

1. Café de Flore

Two life stories are closely intertwined in this psychedelic movie. The first one is about a single mother, Jacqueline, who brings up a son with Down syndrome. She madly loves her child and takes care of him, trying to have a full life. One day, her son meets a girl who suffers from the same disease, and they become very attached to each other. However, the mother is categorically opposed to their meetings. The second story tells about a forty-year-old successful and happy man named Antoine, who brings up two beautiful daughters together with a wonderful wife. Nonetheless, he is constantly overwhelmed with remorse towards his ex-spouse, whom he has left because of another woman. He understands that he has feelings for both women. This is a mystical and fantastical story about love, which your girlfriend will surely like.

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