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Milwaukee Psych Fest

Andrew James Shelp is a man behind Milwaukee Psych Fest. He is founding, curating and doing all the organization work for the festival. He came with this idea already in 2010 and it wasn't until 2011 when the first Fest was organized. Milwaukee Festival will start in May, 2015 and will feature some of the most interesting bands from current psychedelic rock scene. Shelp sure knows what to invite, because he's also a musician and is playing in bands like Moss Folk and Dancing Silks. When asked what he thinks about psychedelic music he replied: "The beautiful thing about psychedelic music is, to me, it can be anything that the listener finds transcendental or trippy. It's up to the listener. It's in their minds. What I find to be psychedelic you might not and vice versa. Unlike most genres that are relatively stuck or restrained by certain formulas and expectant sounds, psychedelic music can be anything; punk, hip hop, experimental, electronic, anything because the listener is the sole interpreter and deciding factor as to if it is psychedelic. It can be heavy, it can be ethereal, it can be deliberate or it can be abstract. Psychedelic music truly can be anything. Psychedelic music chose me, I didn't choose it".

Line-up includes a lot of bands we managed to interview and review. So those interested in knowing what will appear on Milwaukee Psych Fest check the links below.

It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine is proud to be media sponsor of Milwaukee Psych Fest (May, 14-17, 2015)

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