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Dereck's Psychedelicatessen #1: H.P. Lovecraft II (1968) Review by Dereck Higgins

Review made by Dereck Higgins / 2011
© Copyright 2011


ge said...

Ah yes, super tribute, DH!
I could never understand those who preferred their first album...
this one has a 'trippy-theatrical' vibe throughout that is unique...vocals almost overblown Broadway-showtune at times ["Keeper of the Keys"] but passionate as if their lives depended on the song.
mobius trip
= a mellower interlude of the proceedings
[you must have heard the rumor that the guys tripped throughout this album's making, that seemed to always color my take on it]

sunny15blue said...

oh thanks' you reminded me of nothings boy -that's the track i was thinking of....and not klaatu's little neutrino