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Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #32 (December)

A brand new podcast hosted by Ross Beattie (The Night Tripper)

The Mystery Lights - Flowers In My Head, Demons In My Mind
Psychic Lemon - Hey Droog!
Psilocibina - LSD 
Ty Segall - St Stephen
Sonic Youth - Junkies Promise
Jad Fair - New Girl Can’t Help It
Sunday’s & Cybele - Unbalanced
Allen Ginsberg - Dope Fiend Blues
Frozen Planet 1969 - Encore: A Herbal Miracle 
Fungus Hill - My Delusion 
God’s Teeth & The Interstellar Tropics - Hot Cheese (Part2)
Space Debris - Music Is God
Da Captain Trips - Mother Earth
Current 93 - Bright Dead Star

Feel free to submit your music directly to Ross for upcoming podcast at:

Ross Beattie - Poet, hermit, professional drop out - Originally from London now lives in the Highlands of Scotland and produces independent radio programs and podcasts as The Night Tripper.

More details on his shows can be found by visiting the Too Rare To Die Facebook page
Artwork by Justin Jackley (

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