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Interview with Pete Fine of The Flow

Pete Fine recorded and privately released a tremendous orchestral psychedelic rock album in 1974. He was also guitarist in The Flow (first issued on Shadoks Music). For fans of extremely heavy guitars!

Soviet Hippies

Soviet Hippies is a documentary film about counterculture movement in Soviet Union. It’s a wonderful in-depth view behind the Iron Curtain and youth’s mindset. There are some newly discovered film footage that completely mesmerized my experience of watching the documentary. As a big music enthusiast I was really curious about music, as documentary also released its soundtrack on vinyl.

‘A Broken Heart Would Be Lovely’: Skip Spence and Oar

In December 1968, a young Californian musician walked out of a Nashville recording studio for the last time. Having applied the finishing touches, the slight 22-year-old’s first and final solo album would be released the following year to near-silence. One of many low-budget, quick-fix LPs released in the dying days of the 1960s, it even went on to the rather embarrassing feat of being (for some time) the worst-selling LP in Columbia Records history.

The Countdown 5 - “Complete Recordings 1965-1969” (2018) review

The Countdown 5 - Complete Recordings 1965-1969 (Gear Fab Records, 2018)

Members of the Galveston Bay, Texas’ rock scene of the middle to late 1960’s, The Countdown 5 were part owners of the renowned Houston recording studio Andrus Productions, where producer Walter Andrus recorded many bands, including the 13th Floor Elevators and Fever Tree. While the group never got the big break to record an LP, they did manage to release several singles on a variety of labels, and while none hit big in the US, years later the group did learn that one of their singles had actually topped the charts in Germany for a short period of time. Finally, nearly fifty years after the band called it quits, their entire recorded legacy has been compiled on a two CD collection by Gear Fab Records, and quite a treat it is.

Alan Munson - “One Man’s Journey”

It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine interview with Alan Munson and Sundazed Music

Alan Munson - “One Man’s Journey”
Sundazed / Modern Harmonic Records
Nashville TN - New York NY 

Sundazed Music/ Modern Harmonic Records has assembled, produced and recently released a 2018 compilation album of Alan Munson’s music, titled “One Man’s Journey”.

Gyasi - “Peacock Fantasies” (2018) review

Gyasi - “Peacock Fantasies” (Escaped Peacock Records, 2018)

What would happen if the psychedelic guitars of Traffic’s “Mr. Fantasy” met glam-rock … with the answer bing Peacock Fantasies by Gyasi, a relentless well written well delivered and well produced record you shouldn’t miss, one laced with mystery and swagger.

Panama Limited interview with Denis Parker

Panama Limited Jug Band released their debut in 1969. After that they became much more experimental. Indian Summer was their second and sadly last album.

Purple Heart Parade - “The Room” premiere

Manchester’s Purple Heart Parade are set to unleash their expansive second EP!

‘Lonestar EP’ is a sonic delight that revels in all things psychedelic, from 60s garage to 90s shoegaze, and recalls the likes of Spiritualized, Black Angels and Stone Roses. Reverb laden guitars are used to create an engulfing sea of feedback that washes over smooth melodies and slacker beats, while intense vocals are soaked in dreamlike effects that soar over effortless instrumentation.

Nyl / Cheval Fou interview with Michel Peteau

Nyl’s 1976 sole release is curiously still very much under the radar despite it being one of the most intriguing French psychedelic/prog albums from the 70’s. The music is highly creative and energetic with a definite space-rock feel in the style of Hawkwind, but also reminiscent of Amon Düül II and Agitation Free. Michel Peteau’s guitar is the driving force around which all other elements create a whirlwind of sonic psychedelic infusion veering between loud psychedelia and irreverent pulsating rock groove “a la” Gong. Features Ariel Kalma (flute and sax), as well as Janick Top (From Magma) and Bernard Lavialle (from Ame Son). Originally released on Richard Pinhas Urus Records. Golden Pavilion Records reissued the album in high quality heavy paste-on gatefold cover, limited to 500 copies in black vinyl and 100 in coloured vinyl.

Ten Years After - “Live at the Fillmore East 1970” on vinyl (2018) review

Ten Years After - Live at the Fillmore East 1970 (Pledge Music, 2018)

Another vinyl experience that shouldn’t be missed …

Ten Years After were relentless, proving for all time that they were perhaps the most wondrous live band walking the planet, with this being their fourth, and best, live outing in what was then a rather short career.

Catapilla interview with Robert Calvert

A founding member of progressive rock band Catapilla which was formed in the late 1960s Calvert appears on both their albums, 1971’s eponymous Catapilla and 1972’s Changes.

Joshua Abrams

“An immediate assessment of sound and silence”

During one night in July 2012, Joshua Abrams made his improvised solo bass album Excavations 1.

Atomic Vulture - “Stone Of The Fifth Sun” (2018) review

Atomic Vulture - Stone of the Fifth Sun (2018)

Hey, guys, it’s me again, TC Mayhem, bringing you another review; a review of an instrumental group named Atomic Vulture. This Belgian trio churns out riff after riff of sweet stoner space rock. Their newest album, released this past May, is called Stone Of The Fifth Sun, and it is 5 tracks of swirling, atmospheric, and heavy riffing awesomeness.

Woolly Wolstenholme (& Maestoso) - “Strange Worlds: A Collection 1980-2010” (2018) review

Woolly Wolstenholme (& Maestoso) - Strange Worlds: A Collection 1980-2010 (Esoteric Recordings, 2018)

Born in 1947, Woolly Wolstenholme helped found UK progressive rock band Barclay James Harvest. Wolstenholme taught himself keyboards, first mellotron, then organ, piano and synthesizer. With influences ranging from Love and Vanilla Fudge through Mahler to UK and Radiohead, he stayed with Barclay James Harvest until 1979. Over the next thirty years, Wolstenholme would record six albums, five with of them with his band Maestoso. These six albums, supplemented by bonus tracks as well as a complete disc of demos and song fragments have been compiled by Cherry Red Records’ Esoteric Recording imprint and are presented in the massive seven disc comprehensive collection “Strange Worlds” which takes its name from a tune found on Wolstenholme’s final, 2007 LP “Caterwauling.”

Los Bitchos - “Bugs Bunny” premiere

The sun-gods have answered our prayers and London based trio Los Bitchos are back bang on time for the summer season with another balmy piece of instrumental psychedelic-cumbia. ‘Bugs Bunny’ will arrive on 9th August on Strong Island Recordings via a limited run of high quality 7” lathe-cut vinyl complete with a special greetings holiday postcard made by the band.


“Monitors, chinos and sangria” 

I read somewhere that Stilluppsteypa’s Jolanda Beach is late-night Calypso music. Well, you could also call it hangover music, I guess. Anyway, there’s new Stilluppsteypa album, right? Still crazy after all these years. Oops, a bit of Paul Simon slipped in. Sorry about that. 14 years... ‘Don’t Call It A Comeback’ LL Cool J would say. Yeah, LL Cool J, that sounds better...

Israel Nash - “Lifted” (2018) review

Israel Nash - Lifted (2018)

Despite being laced with Brian Wilson inspired harmonies and bigger than life symphonic enhancements, Nash seems to be channeling the spirit of Neil Young in Young’s most fragile of moments … where unto that end, Nash is resident, if not outrightly determined to establish qualities that soar with enlightenment through a clear crisp blue sky.

“Sweetheart of the Rodeo” 50th Anniversary Concert: Featuring Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives @ Ace Hotel, Los Angeles - July 24, 2018

Though technically not billed as a Byrds reunion concert, I’m of the opinion that when a minimum of two founding members of The Byrds congregate to play classic Byrds songs together in front of a live audience--it’s a Byrds reunion concert! And so, the opening night of the “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” 50th Anniversary tour at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles did not disappoint, as original Byrds Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman, joined by outstanding country artists Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives, did more than justice to the landmark 1968 album which heralded country rock music as a vital new genre rich with possibilities, lead to the formation of The Flying Burrito Brothers, and cemented the late great Gram Parsons’ reputation as a maverick talent to be reckoned with.

Crooked Flower - “Blooming: The Light Rail Sessions” (2018) review

Crooked Flower - Blooming: The Light Rail Sessions (Self-released, 2018) 

The West Coast rock group Crooked Flower is back with a new LP, this time featuring seven tracks worth of live studio performances. The six-member group doesn’t wait long before launching into their trademark psychedelia full throttle. With their wah-wah pedals secured, delay on high, and jazzy keyboarding, the release carves a spacious sonic playground amongst the syrupy distortion. 

Healing Spells - “Sanctuary” (2018) review

Healing Spells - Sanctuary (Self-released, 2018)

Healing Spells is back with an EP chock full of extraordinarily breathtaking IDM. There’s bits of Oneohtrix Point Never, Dan Deacon, and Björk wrapped up in this one. Mutilated sound bites seem to erupt and collapse from all corners of the periphery. Melodies pop in and out of existence like subatomic particles. And yet its miraculously not atonal. Rather than crumbling into noisey neo-psychedelia, each track remains a labyrinth of harmonies.

Send Medicine - “Mermaids on the Verandah” (2018) review

Send Medicine - Mermaids on the Verandah (Honey House Records, 2018)

With the opening track “Corduroy” from Mermaids on the Verandah rocking me back, I was awash in a super intoxicating piece of psychedelic British pop music that held my attention as little else has over the last couple of months, so I was anxiously waiting as the rest of the album played out, hoping for more of this bright refined sound.

Los Lobos @ The Libbey Bowl, Ojai, CA., June 22

On a lovely post-Summer Solstice Friday night in Ojai, CA., Los Lobos took the Libbey Bowl stage to celebratory cheers from an admiring audience which had packed the house -- and let it rip with a breathtaking cover of Little Walter’s blues standard “Up the Line.” The band followed up with a stellar rendition of the hard rockin’ “Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes”(from its 1987 album, By the Light of the Moon); after which vocalist/left-handed guitarist (and Jimi Hendrix acolyte) Cesar Rosas took a pause to thank everybody for showing up and commented that although the band had played in neighboring Ventura before, it had never played in Ojai and that it was a beautiful place. The crowd hooted back its approval!

Sailor - “The Albums 1974-78” (2018) review

Sailor - The Albums 1974-78 (7TS, 2018)

Formed in 1973 by Norwegian-born multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/songwriter Georg Kajanus, the original configuration of Sailor comprised Kajanus and three Brits, guitarist/vocalist Henry Marsh, bassist Phil Pickett and drummer Grant Serpell. The two guitar, bass and drum configuration was short lived however. When Kajanus came to the others with something he was in the midst of creating, a kind of musical revue, “Sailor’s Night On The Town” which included harmoniums, mandolins, glockenspiels, hand-bass drums and tack pianos, the members agreed that having coming from the 1960s when in their minds there were many bands all basically doing the same thing, Kajanus’ tune was something totally unique, and indeed was the sound they had been looking for. Thus began the musical adventures of an incredibly original and interesting pop band, which released a total of five albums and a whopping fourteen singles on the Epic label between 1974 and 1978. The fruits of Sailor’s efforts during this period have been compiled by Cherry Red Records and released on the five disc, fifty nine track box set issued on their 7t’s imprint and reviewed here.

Harlan Jay Ellison 1934-2018

“The Beast That Shouted Love”

He was vast, he contained multitudes.

He hated being called a science-fiction writer even though he was acknowledged as one of the great ones by the likes of Asimov, Bradbury and Silverberg and unquestionably did as much as anyone to advance the field and promote new writers (I discovered his ”Dangerous Visions” anthologies as a 12-year-old, and few books have opened my eyes and mind as much).

Sam Gopal - “Escalator” (1969) review

Sam Gopal - Escalator (Morgan Bluetown, 1969/2017 reissue)

It has been fifty years since the formation of UK psychedelic rockers Sam Gopal, a quartet who took their name from their tabla player and percussionist. The band recorded a lone album “Escalator” recorded in October and November 1968, engineered by Barry Ainsworth and Andy Jones and produced by Trevor Walters at De-Lane Lea and Morgan Studios. It was released in March 1969 on the tiny British label, Stable Records. The album’s eleven tracks are joined by both sides of a promo single, and feature lead vocals as well as lead and rhythm guitar by a young, Ian Willis, who would go on to join British psychedelic legend’s Hawkwind in 1971, before becoming a founding member and front man, lead vocalist and bassist of heavy metal giants Motorhead under his birth name of Ian Kilmister, although being much better known by his nickname “Lemmy.” The band consisted of Gopal and Lemmy, jointed by Roger D’Ella on lead, acoustic and rhythm guitars and Phil Duke on bass guitar. 

Cheval Sombre - “Had Enough Blues” / “Hitch a Ride” (2018) review

Cheval Sombre - “Had Enough Blues” / “Hitch a Ride” (Fat Elvis Records, 2018)

Drifting back from his nocturnal wanderings, Cheval Sombre has floated in with a very limited edition single from his shimmering side of the great beyond, a blissful and emotional set of songs that play out nicely against the backdrop of a fading orange setting sun.

Sun Voyager - “Seismic Vibes” (2018) review

Sun Voyager - Seismic Vibes (2018)

Sun Voyager, a psychedelic fuzz band from the great state of New York, has an album out called Seismic Vibes. The 8 songs that make up this album are some of the best psych tunes that I have heard since Ruby the Hatchet unleashed Interplanetary Space Child upon us. These songs are catchy, fuzz laden, awesomeness, and I will give you some info on the best tracks in this review. 

Raw Thrills - “Anne” premiere

Zak Mering has recorded music under the Raw Thrills moniker for past 7 years or so, ever since he relocated to Brooklyn in 2009. He also runs GunkTVRecords. A record label meant to shine light on the many different projects and releases Zak has created, curated or been involved in. He also has collaborated with his younger sister, Natalie, whom is the critically acclaimed artist “Weyes Blood” who is on Sub Pop at the moment. He was in the infamous duo “Greatest Hits” with Tyler Thacker and did many projects with Sam Mehran under aliases “The Sweethearts, Mak Zering, 2 X Love, Green Crack & more”. He has, and continues to collaborate with a variety of talented and different musicians for many of the past years and many years to come.

Curvs - “Bamboo Town” premiere

Norwegian synth-rockers CURVS show their fantastic ability to create eerie yet compelling music with their debut album ‘Hauntropics’ out now via Fysisk Format. Inspired by stays in the tropics and the inclination to corrupt musical genres, ‘Hauntropics’ was born out of homemade compressors, rare pre amps and echo valves coupled with old drum machines, odd strings and analogue synths from Japan.

Earthless interview with Mario Rubalcaba

“Music is such blessing, I’m so grateful that I’ve had it with me for most of my life”

Interview with Mario Rubalcaba of Earthless about their latest release Black Heaven, being on tour and record collecting.

Dean Wareham Vs. Cheval Sombre (2018) review

Dean Wareham Vs. Cheval Sombre (Gotta Groove, 2018)

If there’s one thing you can count of from Dean Wareham, yet alone with Cheval Sombre standing by his side, it’s that these two wayward musical travelers of both time and space are going to deliver unto you something very special, unexpected and predictably perfect as summer winds down, replaced by fall with a cool nip in the air.

Chimera - “Holy Grail” (2017) review

Chimera - Holy Grail (Morgan Blue Town, 2017)

If not for the veto of George Harrison, Chimera, the female duo of guitarist/vocalist/composer Lisa Bankoff and vocalist Francesca Garnett, would have been signed by Apple Records. Despite this unfortunate event, Chimera attracted the attention of Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason, who took over as their manager and arranged a contract with Monty Babson’s Morgan Bluetown label, a side project of the Morgan Music Studio, which was in the late 1960’s one of the UK’s top studios with Led Zeppelin’s second album, Free’s debut LP “Tons Of Sobs” and Jethro Tull’s “Stand Up” being but three of the classic albums recorded there.

L’Eclair - “Sisi La Fami” premiere

L’Eclair are prepared to make people dance!

After a year working on these new songs and perfecting their Swiss Groove™ on any stage they could, L’Eclair took their guitars and shitty old synths to Jasper Geluk’s Tone Boutique studio in Haarlem, Netherlands, where he’s laid down the smooth sounds of the Allah Las, Jacco Gardner and Eerie Wanda. “Polymood” is an expansion on L’Eclair’s quest to channel and honor their Afro-Disco, Kosmische, and early House 70s influences.

Czech Up! Vol 2: We’d Be Happy (2018) review

Various Artists – Czech Up! Vol 2: We’d Be Happy (CD on Vampi Soul/2018)

This second volume of soul, funk, beat and psych from Czechoslovakia is bursting with more phenomenal tracks form behind the Iron Curtain that were originally released on the incredible Supraphon and Panton labels between 1968-1979.

Greenbeard Interview

Greenbeard are a three-piece desert/stoner band formed in Austin, Texas in 2014. Their powerful live shows and relentless touring have led them to play more than a handful of large scale festivals as well as opening for many heavy hitters in the doom/desert/stoner/psych scene including Pentagram, Conan, Acid King, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, and Dead Meadow… Just to name a few. Between playing tons of local shows in Austin and extensively touring the US, Greenbeard have managed to record and release two full length albums and an EP. They are currently on tour still in support of their latest record – Lödarödböl (pronounced load-a-road-bowl). Just before they went back out on tour, I met up with Chance Parker (guitar & vocals) and Buddy Hachar (drums) to discuss the past 4 years of the band, their touring habits, and their progress on the upcoming album.

The Blues Goes On - “The Blues Goes On” (1971) review

The Blues Goes On - The Blues Goes On (Gear Fab Records, 1971/2018 reissue) 

Originally released on the German based Ken label in 1971, The Blues Goes On is an exploitation album involving musicians from the Live Experience Band. Like most projects of this kind, the album was pressed in miniscule quantities and quickly disappeared down the drainpipe. Now available in digital form, The Blues Goes On is bound to win favor with those who cherish such enigmatic endeavors.

Ross Beattie presents It’s Psychedelic Baby podcast #28 (July)

A brand new podcast hosted by Ross Beattie (The Night Tripper)

Wicked Lady- I’m A Freak
Ultimate Spinach- Mind Flowers
Arzachel- Azathoth
The Well- Drug From The Banks
Ulrika Spacek- Lady Godiva’s Operation
The Association- Wantin’ Ain’t Gettin’
Thee Oh Sees- Plastic Plant
Orangutan- Magic Playground 
Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Psychedelic Pill
Spiritualized- I’m Your Man
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard- Work This Time
Sir Robin & The Longbowmen- Tramboliko
Kaleidoscope- Keep Your Mind Open
Gary Higgins- I Can’t Sleep At Night

The Building - “Reconciliation” (2018) review

The Building - Reconciliation (2018)

Anthony LaMarca, late of Dean & Britta and now with War On Drugs has never strayed from from his personal sonically textured band The Building. Anthony has always been a very inwardly driven artist, with his music melting your soul, laced with songs that come across like some gentle ghost come for an unexpected evening’s visit, effortlessly playing with your heart strings. Yet when all is said and done, his considered emancipated attitude and visions allow you to put yourself back together, all while looking over your shoulder, feeling slightly frail, nearly embarrassingly so, at something that recently occupied your listening space and is now a mere memory … growing ever more distant and out of focus.

The Third Sound - “Half Alive” premiere

Berlin’s The Third Sound are back with a new album All Tomorrow’s Shadows and new video “Half Alive” following the great single “Photographs” which featured Anton Newcombe on lead vocal. Brian Jonestown Massacre guitarist Hákon Aðalsteinsson who front’s The Third Sound said about “Half Alive”...

Petyr interview with Riley Hawk

Petyr is a San Diego psychedelic hard rock band fronted by pro skater Riley Hawk. Steeped in equal parts hard rock and skateboarding, the band draws influence from the likes of Japanese psychedelic masters Flower Travellin’ Band, the hardness of Black Sabbath and the vibe of hometown scene godfathers Earthless. They released two albums so far both on Outer Battery Records.

Magic & Naked - “Dark Room” premiere

Formed in 2013, the four tortured souls of Magic & Naked were seeking for a meaning to their lives. The band began touring in Switzerland, Europe and the USA in 2015 and released their first eponymous album on Casbah Records, a loving and celestial ode to pop recorded by The Pussywarmers.

Joe James Boyle - “Daze” premiere

JJB’s music sounds like an outsider who’s decided to finally let all hell break loose, or enjoy things for a while before he does so. Backed up by Istanbul born jazz drummer Deniz Terlan, his vocal style pays a little homage to fellow Londoners Jagger and Bowie, while his sound is clearly quite unabashedly that of a 90s kid, heavily awash with guitars that scream, or moan The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Nirvana, all of which combine into a unique performance. His last real show was at the infamous 8mm Bar back in January and was somewhat of a sold out circus of noise and strange dark poetry; more of the same is hoped for this time round…

Eric Frisch - “Water into Gold” (2018) review

Eric Frisch - Water into Gold (Self-released, 2018)

The Toronto-born singer/songwriter Eric Frisch just put out Water into Gold, a small release of three folk pop tunes. Now based in New York City, Frisch is well passed his first or second release. His sound relies heavily on tender vocal harmonies, calming high-hats, and simple finger-picking. Think James Taylor, but in 2018.

Novagolde - “Novagolde” (2018) review

Novagolde - Novagolde (Self-released, 2018)

Novagolde just debuted their self-titled EP, a sweetly concise collection of psychedelic rock. Self-described as hailing from the “4th Dimension” (as well as Madison, Wisconsin) the four-member group has entered the indie scene with a lot to live up to. It’s one thing to claim a seat at the roundtable of psychedelia. It’s quite another to claim interdimensional status.

The Yardbirds interview with Jim McCarty

Jim McCarty is the renowned drummer from The Yardbirds who is respected worldwide for his innovative drumming style which he introduced into music in the ‘60s on hits such as “For Your Love”, “Heart Full Of Soul”, “Evil Heated You”, “Shapes of Things” and “Over Under Sideways Down” – all of which were UK Top 10 hits.
When The Yardbirds broke up in the late ‘60s Jim formed a number of successful bands over the next 25 years including Renaissance, Shoot, Box Of Frogs, Stairway and Illusion before reforming The Yardbirds in the ‘90s, whom he still tours with today.
“Walking In The Wild Land” is Jim’s third solo album released by Angel Air and features his songs and vocals in wonderful psychedelic/folk rock style.

Pink Floyd’s Best Kept Secret: ‘A Saucerful Of Secrets’ 50 Years On

This week fifty years ago, a semi-famous English group with the strange name of ‘Pink Floyd’ released their second LP: ‘A Saucerful Of Secrets’. The release was met with little fanfare at the time, with some critics greeting it with ill-concealed contempt. Rolling Stone magazine, describing it as “rather mediocre”, judged Roger Waters to be “an uninteresting writer, vocalist and bass player”, with the album’s “instrumental work… shoddy and routine”. In a rather barbed concession, the critic claims that “’Corporal Clegg’ at least has the virtue of brevity, as well as not sounding like it was written in a drugged stupor”. 

The Callas With Lee Ranaldo - “Acid Books” premiere

The Callas with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo

The Callas is the tip of an artistic squad producing music, artworks, films, magazines, events, art shows, initiated by the brothers Lakis & Aris Ionas.

Buffalo Springfield - “What’s That Sound?” (2018) review

Buffalo Springfield - What’s That Sound? (2018)

More than 52 years since the release of its debut s/t LP and nearly 50 years after the release of their last album, Rhino Records, has compiled the complete albums collection of Buffalo Springfield in “What’s That Sound?” a five CD or five LP box set. The set includes the band’s first two albums “Buffalo Springfield” (December, 1966) and “Buffalo Springfield Again” (November, 1967) in both mono and stereo mixes, while their farewell release, the aptly titled “Last Time Around” (July, 1968) is present only in stereo, as it was never released in mono.

The Vibrators - “The Albums 1979-85” (2018) review

The Vibrators - The Albums 1979-85 (Cherry Red Records, 2018)

As a follow up to 2017’s “The Epic Years 1976-1978” four disc box set, Cherry Red Records, UK, presents a continuation of British punk rocker,band, The Vibrators’ catalog, with “The Albums 1979-85” another four disc set. This second installment contains three albums released by the group as well as demos recorded for an unreleased third album and single sides and demos recorded by two short lived versions of the band between 1979 and 1981.