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It's Psychedelic Baby presents: The Real Burnouts - "Be Who I Want You To Be" premiere

Paul Crowther is a legend in the Utica, NY alternative scene. Aside from his time in Comfy (named one of Rolling Stone's Top 10 Cassettes of 2014), he has released a psych rock opera via Burger Records subsidiary Wiener Records, and has on multiple occasions turned his live shows into strange feats of performance art - once faking a drug overdose mid-set, only to return at the climax of the song, and another time made a fake news website that reported that he had stabbed a man and then proceeded to play a show in shackles and a prison jumpsuit.

His hugely prolific output of lo-fi rock 'n' roll, synth-laden psychedelia and spaced out pop music align perfectly on the 5 tracks that appear on his half of a split cassette - his 27th release - with fellow Utica indie rockers (and former Comfy bandmate) The Fig Mints, entitled "Revitalized Parts/Halo Lacerations" due out on 3/25 on Dadstache Records.

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