Brain Pyramid – Magic Carpet Ride (2013) review

August 23, 2013

Brain Pyramid – Magic Carpet Ride (2013) review

Brain Pyramid -“Magic Carpet Ride” (2013)
One guitar, one bass, one drum set. The mighty
power trio. Blues. Souls sold to the devil. Muddy Waters tripping so hard he
still believes the world ended in 1967. Ladies and gentlemen: Brain Pyramid.
Formed in November 2012, this young band from Rennes, France, released their
debut EP, Magic Carpet Ride, last April with their minds stuck in the past,
refusing to acknowledge the 21st century is for good, evoking Hendrix without
This magic ride starts off with Bad Luck, a 5
minute explosion of acid blues that leaves no room for misunderstandings. These
guys love the blues and wear nothing but bell-bottoms. The second track, Stone
Woman Blues, emphasizes the idea in case you didn’t get it the first time.  Mary Jane Blues is a sweet acoustic-driven
ballad with hand clapping setting the rhythm and an awesome slide work by
Gaston Lainé. Cosmic 1000 Years and Electric Spell, the longest and final tracks,
show a more spaced out side of Brain Pyramid. The incredibly tight rhythm
section and sinuous guitar work worthy of the ancient golden days of
psychedelic rock will ride you through dusty landscapes inhabited by boozy
characters and sexy women willing to mislead you as soon as you drop your
defenses. Watch out!
To promote their work they are heading for an
Iberian Tour in September in which, according to Bapt, they have been working
on for some time now and are looking forward to play outside France. “I can’t
hide the fact that I’m fucking excited. We’re glad to go on the road, meet
people who like our culture and music and make new friends! Let’s hope the van
will hold the whole tour.” When asked about how it is to be in an acid rock
band in Rennes, the band stated that only a little bunch of people come to see
them regularly and that it’s an arduous task to bring more people to the shows.
However, the band doesn’t throw in the towel because they know it’s just a
matter of time and patience and doing what they believe in and despite the fact
that the band is not even one year old yet, Brain Pyramid have already managed
to share the stage with some big names in the scene, being Blues Pills the
biggest one, and will soon add The Grand Astoria (December 2013) to their

© Jerome Lancien

Approaching the end of our little chat and
amid inevitable comparisons between our hometowns and countries Brain Pyramid
revealed themselves clearly honored to be playing in Black Bombaim’s hometown
and ready to feel the warmness of the Spanish and Portuguese audience. The
engine is roaring and expectations are high on both sides. Be there.

Review made by Hugo Pereira/2013
© Copyright
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